SHIPS - SHore Independent Precise Squat Observation


kaefer.gif Härting, A.; Reinking, J.: SHIPS: A New Method for Efficient Full-Scale Ship Squat Determination, Proceedings of the 30th PIANC Congress 2002. 1805-1813, Sydney 2002, Australien. 0.5 MB
kaefer.gif Dunker, S.; Gollenstede, A.; Härting, A.; Reinking, J.: Analysis and Comparison of SHIPS Derived Squat, Hydro 2002, Kiel 2002. 1.5 MB
kaefer.gif Härting, A.; Reinking, J.: Heave Determination by Stand-alone GPS and/or Inertial Sensors, Hydro 2002, Kiel 2002. 0.5 MB
kaefer.gif Dunker, S.: Analysis of Waterway Factors on the Underkeel Clearance of Sea-going Vessels, 2nd Squat-Workshop 2004, Elsfleth 2004.   Deutsche Version ... 3.2 MB
kaefer.gif Gollenstede, A.: Squat-Messung mit SHIPS, 2nd Squat-Workshop 2004, Elsfleth 2004. 0.5 MB
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